Xchange: Review

A science fiction movie from 2000 that i had never heard of staring Stephen Baldwin, Kyle Maclachlan and Pascale Bussieres playing on Scifi channel at 2 AM about a world where people exchange bodies. My expectations were not high.
I started this movie expecting to turn it off like I do most movies that my Tivo records for me on Scifi, and though I wouldn't want to give anyone the impression that this movie is good, it does border on the lower side of average and thats better than I expected.
The idea is simple enough. It's one of those futures where there is one or two major technological advances but other than that everything looks like modern day. In this world the technolocical change is Xchange, which allows people to switch bodies, or to use Stephen Baldwin clones if you prefer though the only last a week. (On a side note, I have long suspected that the Baldwin Brothers may be some type of failed experiment perhaps cloning went wrong but I still have no proof of this)
These clones are grown so that people can pay large amounts of money so that construction workers can transport into their bodies. I can see some flaws in this reasoning but I'm willing to overlook it.
The interesting part of this movie is that because it is about body exchange the main character is played by three differnt people. Most of the movie it is Baldwin who is a clone with only about 48 hours left, but the others did a better job than you might expect.
Overall this movie is probably worth two hours of your time if you're really desperate to watch Scifi that you havn't seen before or are a huge Stephen Baldwin fan. (Are there huge Stephen Baldwin Fans?)
If i had to give this rating it would say 2.75 out of 5