Heroes: Cold Wars

In this episode we will know once and for all if Noah is good or bad, except in the end he's the same person we've always known which is good. One of the things that makes Noah interesting is that he isn't good or bad, he's a person trying to make the best decisions he can. Sometimes they are good sometimes they are bad.
What we do know is that he isn't on the hunters side. He wants things to go back to the way they were and I suspect that the others probably feel the same way. The company may have seemed like the bad guys but really they mostly kept the secrets of people.
Most important thing that he said was that what they need to see in these people is not their powers its their humanity and I really think he believes this not just with Clair but Peter, Matt and Mohinder too.
That brings me to my problem. What did Peter plan on doing with the Hunter? If he wanted to shoot the man why was he talking to him, and if he didn't plan to shoot him what was the plan. I know that they are acting on the spur of the moment here but why not take the information you got, and disappear then formulate a plan.
Over all this was far better than last week and there were several very interesting developments which I liked. Daphne is alive which makes me quite happy, but also the fact that Mohinder got caught is good. It keep the story from stretching out without anything happening.
I am really enjoying having more of a single story in episode rather than having six different stories each of which only gets one or two scenes. It makes each episode feel more coherent and it is very interesting to see how well they can carry an episode without seeing Sylar, Clair, or Hiro.
My final thought is to the last scene. Really Issacs loft again. If they are trying to stay under the radar isn't Mohinders home a bad idea.