Dramatically Over Analyzing a Photo of Sylar as a Child

It is Joshua Rush in this photo which is from Heroes and on the surface this may seem like a background photo, but we have heard that he will be on the show more in the future so I decided to look at this photo and see what what clues it gives us to Sylar's past and possibly his future.
1- The red of the tricycle clearly represents blood, foreshadowing the violent future of this young boy.
2. The fact that he is riding a tricycle seems to represent the idea that Sylar was more stable in the past than he is now.
3. Allusions to the shinning. A young boy on a tricycle is clearly a hint at "The Shinning" can we infer from this that Sylars father was driven insane at some point?
4. The Glasses- along with naming his child Noah in the future this is clearly another attempt to connect the characters of Mr. Bennett and Sylar. Does this mean that the two are somehow related? Perhaps HRG and Sylar are really brothers.
5. Blue and white shirt- Along with the red of the tricycle this is clearly an attempt to pull at our patriotic heartstrings but perhaps it is more. Is Sylar still fated to become president at some point in the future?
6. Cracks in the wall - Perhaps representing the cracks in his personality formed by the problems in his early family life?
7. Smiling - Was Sylar happy here? Perhaps he was told to smile by someone, or perhaps this is to show what his life could have been like if his father hadn't sold him.
8. streamers - We certainly can't miss the streamers from the tricycles handles. Yellow and red these represent Sylar's victims in the future. A subtle reminder that many people will die because of this young child.

I'm certain that there is much more hidden in this picture by the writers of Heroes. Anyone else see anything?

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