When Will Michael Dorn be back on Heroes?

It was great to hear Michal Dorn as president on Heroes at the end of the last volume, but my question now is when do we get to see him again. He only has one episode of Heroes listed on IMDB but I don't know if they put TV programs on before they air so it's possible that he will be back.
If he isn't coming back I suspect that NBC may have made a small error in putting him in that part and compounded that problem by not showing us his face. A normal scene with him wouldn't have created nearly the amount of speculation about Michal Dorn, but by hiding his face you made us all think that you wanted a big reveal next volume.
With another episode of heroes tonight and the Hunter beginning to cause trouble for Nathan I hope that this is the episode where he goes back to the president. What better day for a Michal Dorn to have some real scenes as the president than President's day.
Note to the Writers of Heroes: If you could get him to say "If you were any other man I would kill you," that would be great. Thanks.