My Top Sci-fi Couples

In honor of SAD(Singles awareness day) I decided to post my five favorite sci-fi couples.

5. Lois and Clark
When done right this love triangle can be both endearing and really funny. Lois has a crush on Superman but won't give Clark a second look romantically especially after the tenth time he's disappeared at the first sign of danger.
Written wrong Lois is nothing more than the damsel in distress for Superman to rescue once again, but that happens far less than it could because over the years the writers of superman have made Lois a truly strong character who can take care of herself most of the time.

4. Mulder and Scully
Never really a couple(I haven't watched the newest movie, and I'm still waiting for my money back on the first) there was something great about these two from the first moment that they were on screen together. The fact that they are equals both with skills the other needed kept them together at first but as the story grew so did their relationship. That is rare on televising where keeping things the same forever is the generally accepted way to do things.

3. Ron and Hermione
Harry Potter could have been nothing more than a set of adventure books and it still would have been a fine series of books. Not great, but fine. What lifts this above a hundred other kids novels are the characters. Harry has many people around him with strong personalities and watching the change of these two characters from hardly liking each other to happily married is great.

2. President Roslyn and Admiral Adama
On a show which has had so many failed relationships it's great to see something which seems so strong. These are two people who found someone against almost all the odds. Both are too important to the fleet to spend their time indiscriminately dating even if that were possible, but somehow in between the chaos that seems to be daily life on the Battlestar Galactica they realized that they cared for each other.
Of course on Battlestar if precedent stands this will end horribly, and the fact that Roslyn has cancer doesn't bode well, but if they can give each other strength even for a little while perhaps that will be enough for them to save the entire human race.

1. Hans Solo and Princess Leah

There are two things that are missing from the Star Wars prequels, a rouge character like Hans Solo and a female lead that I can buy as being strong. I suspect that Anakin was supposed to be that rouge like character, but he's not and I know that Padama was supposed to be that strong character, but neither had the strength of those that came after(before?) them. I haven't gotten over the "she died because she had nothing to live for" ending of the third Star Wars movie. This is supposed to be a strong character, but she can't stay alive for the twins that she just gave birth to?
Enough complaining about the prequels in and back to the point. This is the classic of opposites attract but there is more to it than that. These two are both strong and smart with goals that don't always match up and enough problems for any ten couples but they have the Ewoks to help so you know things will work out.
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