Designer Babies. Perfect for my Genitically Controlled Army

The Fertility Institute in Detroit has began to offer a service called e-implantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD. This will allow parents to choose the gender and even effect the physical appearance of their child.
This alone will be handy since I would prefer my army to all appear similar to me(It makes escaping easier if things go wrong) but that's only a small thing. The important part is that once this becomes acceptable I can begin to suggest that we want our children to be mentally healthy too. Why not use genetic screening to make certain your child listens well and follower, after all you don't want him to run into the street and get hit by a car. Free thinkers just get in the way of true visionaries like myself.
The world has to many artists too, so we'll begin to work on screening that out. Life would be much easier for them if they become an accountant, dentist, engineer or of course a genetically perfect super soldier working for a super secret organization. No need to think all that much and there will always be plenty of work.
For now I must thank the Fertility Institute for running point on this one, and I especially admire the attempt to compare genetically altering your child's appearance to trimming his fingernails and cutting his hair. It's that type of forward thinking that will lead us to the promise land of a post diversity society where no one can be discriminated against because we all look and think the same. Except of course for the few elite free thinkers like myself but positive discrimination and mindless devotion isn't anything you need to worry about. Trust me.

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