Villains Spotlight #1

Villain Spotlight : Rainbow Raider

Rainbow Raider appeared originally in Flash Volume 1 Episode 286. His powers include making a hard light rainbow he can ride on and coating people with color that effects their emotions.
His tragic story began as a colorblind child who wanted nothing more than to become an artist and when that dream collapsed he found a new dream fighting against those who cruelly taunted the colorblind with works of art they could not appreciate.

His life was cut short when he was killed by Blacksmith, but do not fear his legacy lives on in a team of color-themed super villains calling themselves the Rainbow Raiders.

I salute this brave warrior for the rights of the colorblind, a misunderstood hero who used his powers in an attempt to create a world where even the colorblind could be equal and my heart goes out for this truly heroic man who was unable to see the beauty even in the rainbows which he created.

Let us take a moment of silence to mourn a life lost to soon.