Kasparov Battles Robot

This day in 1996 Gary Kasparov sat down across the chess board with "Deep Blue" to fight for the future of mankind. According to the rules of this engagement if Kasparov won the robots would forgo taking over all human government for ten years.
In the first match of this epic battle "Deep Blue" won with the help of the human turncoats at IMB, but Kasparov made a heroic comeback winning the second game and forcing the computer into a draw on the third and fourth match.
In the end Kasparov won the battle with 4 games to 2 but few humans understood just how close they came to a robotriciy.
Kasparov basked in the glory of his victory for the next 9 years until his abrupt retirement from chess in 2005. Many suggest that the knowledge of the upcoming rematch in 2006 was the primary reason for his retirement but no proof has been found.
Instead of Chess, in 2006 the competition was musical, between the robots and Yo Yo Ma the battle ended abruptly as Yo Yo Ma smashed his cello into the robot repeatedly upon hearing the computer play Rachmaninov's Concerto at nearly twice the speed of any human player. The computers were confused by this irrational outburst, but as their competitor was unable to continue they admitted defeat.
Although some believe that this was against the spirit of the competition, but others have argued that the robots attempt to elect Al Gore as president violated their side of the agreement.
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