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The subtitle, Never Tell them the Odds seems apt for this movie. I heard about this the first years ago and have heard more than one release date, but with the new release date just over a week from now I have some hope that it might actual get released.
Generally when movies take this long I begin to assume that they won't be good, but i am willing to make an exception for Fanboys.
I don't know all of the reasons that this has been delayed but the story just sounds good. This is the story of a group of Star Wars fans who break onto Skywalker ranch to watch Star Wars episode 1 before it was released.
This is a movie made by real fans and Lucas and the Star Wars juggernaut were evidential willing to allow Fanboys to make their movie and it is finally being released.

Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Is back on.

I want a Killer Robot