5 Science Fiction Movies that are Better than the Superbowl

5. Battlefield Earth
John Travolta's masterpiece, the effects, the acting, the story, the scene transitions, they are all beyond description.

4. Howard the Duck
If you thought that Star Wars was George Lucas' best work then you will be blown away by this movie .

3. Plan 9 from Outer Space
What is there to say about Plan 9 from Outer Space. The alien plot in this movie is far superior to the silly idea in most science fiction movies.

2. Robot Monster
This is the greatest villain in cinema history. Forget Darth Vader, forget Khan, forget the Joker. They have nothing on Robot Monster. Just the name itself strikes fear in the heart of men.

1. Solar Babies

The music, the dialog, the acting, the special effects, there is just no doubt. Solar Babies is a nearly perfect movie. Just watch this video and marvel at it. When quality like this is available why would anyone waist their time watching the Superbowl?
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