I want a Killer Robot

The military has been using robots in battle for years, and while the technology is still in its infancy with the correct computer programs and a few robots I could truly enjoy myself.
The scene I see is like this, I am sitting in a office in a black suit and tie. On the computer screen I am watching a news story of yet another bank robbery by robots armed with machine guns. Standing in the background is Batman looking as confused as everyone else. How is he supposed to stop a robot with sensors that go 360 degrees and no fear? Even the Batmobile has trouble because they have rockets built in and my robots can be replaced far faster than the Batmobile.
The Batman vows to hunt down the man controlling these robots but I know that I will not make the same mistakes as the Joker. I have nothing personal against Batman, and my robots won't kill anyone. Their guns have been set to avoid hitting anyone unless it is absolutely necessary and even then they aim for knees.
My dreams of becoming a batman villain aside though robots in combat are becoming more common. American more and more expect wars to be painless and one of the solutions to that is to put robots in the field. They may cost money but no one has to call the robot's family if he is blown up.

Thanks to Seth Wolfshorndl and Randy Rustin for the batman drawing. Check out Seth's Deviant art page.
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For more information on the military's kill robots there is an article here.
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