I Miss Heroes

I know it's only been a couple weeks since it was on, but over the holidays it seems as if the TV was devoid of anything interesting. Heroes isn't always a great show, but it's almost always interesting, and this next volume appears to be getting back to what the show was meant to be.
With this volume it appears that many of our characters will be returning to their more normal lives, which is what the show was always meant to be. People with extraordinary abilities leading ordinary lives.
I also have a fair amount of hope that they will avoid time travel for a while. I don't really get all that confused by time travel in television. The key is to believe what they tell you because we really don't know any better. If the writer says you have to go 88 miles an hour then we have to go 88. If they say you can change the past you can.
That said, I fear that this last volume the time travel didn't really bring anything to the table. Peter's trip to visit Sylar in the future was OK, but Hiro seeing Ando shooting him didn't really make the show more interesting to me.
That brings me to a question. If Ando's power was to bost powers in the future where Hiro saw him, then what was actually happening. Was he able to kill Hiro with it in some way we don't know yet, or perhaps Hiro didn't have powers when Ando used the ability on him and it hurts people without them.
There is A great deal of material to still cover on Heroes and I am looking forward to it, as well as President Worf.

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