Battlestar Galactica vs. the Enterprise

Dvice had an article today on who would win between the Battlestar Galactcia and The Enterprise. They were wrong( they said Battlestar Galactica would win) but that isn't the point. The point is that them being wrong is what makes Battlestar Galactica such a great show.
Star Trek is about people who are better than us. I love that about it, I want to be those people and it bring out the best in people. Galactcia is about people who are us. The technology between the two shows fits their visions.
On Star Trek you have Phasers, Anti-Mater weaponry, Shields and Warp drive, along with about a hundred other great technologies we can't make now. Battlestar Galactica avoids technology we can't make today, except when it is absolutely necessary for the show. They have jump engines because you can't have a show about traveling through space without some type of engine, and they generally ignore the problems of building a ship which can sustain that many people because it's not what the show is about, but their weapons are all basically real. Nuclear weapons, rail guns, fighter escorts, it's what we would have if we needed a battleship in space.
I understand the argument, and I enjoy the points as much as anyone, but to me it is more interesting to recognise how the technologies on the show so perfectly mirror the vision of the show.
Besides, the Tardus could destroy them all.
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