Whoopi Goldberg to do Online Scifi Program

After a short retirement to focus on The View(The View is still on the air?) she has began to produce and and star in a new show called Stream. Stream will premiere on January 15, on FEARnet a video on demand service. While I personally am not a huge fan of Whoopi Goldberg it is great to see more big names jumping into the online video market. With Sanctuary doing well and now Stream perhaps this market will begin to be treated more seriously.
The plan for now is to have 6 episodes of Stream each 5 minutes long. The show takes place in three different time periods in Jodi Quinn's(Whoopi Goldberg) life. Year before she took a odd drug which causes her to experience the different parts of her life at the same time.
I have some doubts that Steam will be groundbreaking, or even terribly exciting but it should be interesting.
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