Battlestar Galactica to Return

I came late to Battlestar Galactica. I picked up the miniseries when the show was most of the way through it's second season, and it took some effort to like it. I for one didn't care that it was a remake of an old show. Odd because I typically dislike remakes but the writers of the show seemed to have something to say and wrote it well.
In fact the only real problem i have had with the show is that I forget it's still on the air between seasons. I know that budget and strikes took their tole on the show but still it was gone forever.
Now it's back on January 16 and I am starting to get excited.
(If you haven't seen the last aired episodes there will be spoilers now)
I for one was completely taken off guard by the ruins of earth. Even though I know that the Battlestar Galactica writers like to pull the rug out from people they had lulled me into a sense of complacency. they won't catch me again. They could blow up the Galactica with everyone in the cast on it and I'll be expecting it. But more seriously I was glad to see that they have someplace to go. There are still a lot of questions to be answered. Who is the last Cylon. I don't know, if it's someone not on the fleet then perhaps, and I'm just guessing here, it's someone who died. There is Cat, Saul's wife, Admiral Kane.

The more important question though is what is their agenda? They have been on the Galactica, keeping it going, do they want the humans to survive? My best theory is that bringing them to earth was an attempt to cement the growing alliance between the humans and the Cylons. The only way for the humans to have a happy ending is to make peace with the Cylons. Now that they have seen again what will happen if they don't perhaps they can try to work together.

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