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I had heard of this book, but never read it. Still when I began to see the movie trailers I got excited. I love science fiction, but the overall quality of fantasy movies feels higher than that of science fiction movies. That may be because science fiction movies have been around longer, but I think it's because Hollywood has turned science fiction into a cash cow. They will do so with fantasy eventually, but as long as they make the movies good, and don't release the fantasy version of Armageddon then I don't care if they make money.


What Major Advances are Comming?

Predicting technology is one of the most difficult parts of science fiction. Guess right and you look brilliant, guess wrong and you can look like a chump. it could be Star Trek with communicators which dwarf modern cell phones or Jules Verne predicting rocket ships to the moon, people have been predicting the future in science fiction since it began.
This Article follows that tradition and I hopes he's right because I personally am looking forward with great anticipation towards the singularity.

More People Reading

The new National Endowments for the Arts report is out and for the first time since 1982 the amount of people who read for pleasure is up. And it's not a tiny increase. In ages 18 to 24 there was an 21% increase, as opposed to the 20% decrease in 2002. Perhaps there is hope for our society yet.


Good news on the Watchman front. 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers have asked the judge to delay their hearing because they have had had some success in their discussions.

There were also several teasers during the football games this weekend.
In case you've missed the trailers I'm posting a couple .


Transformers 2

My friends and I were discussing Transformers 2 the other day. It sounds pretty cool, so I decided to look up a trailer online. This is what I found.

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